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CMQA Token

First Digital Reward Token

CMQA or Crypto Merces-Quia-Auxilium is a utility token born to give back to the supporter community. 

Have you ever wished that you should be compensated for your time and attention which is core to the success of the influencer community, we definitely believe so.

Merces-Quia-Auxilium which is Latin for Reward for Support is a Crypto Reward Token born specifically for the influencer community to be able to reward their supporters.

A Brief History of CMQA

1 August 2018

The Need is Identified

Sandeep and Abhishek, the visionaries behind CMQA are troubled by a lack of options to reward their supporters, with supporters all over the globe they are searching high and low for an efficient and user-friendly means but are unable to come up with anything that is


10 January 2019

A Solution is Conceptialized

A decentralized peer-to-peer digital token is conceptualized as the only possible solution that ticks all the right boxes

6 June 2019

CMQA is Born

The CMQA Utility Token is born on the Ethereum Blockchain, fully compatible with the following leading wallets

Trust Wallet
My Ether Wallet (Web Only)
Opera Browser Crypto Wallet

10 June 2019

Work is underway

We are diligently working on implementing the full functionality of the CMQA Token

Website Launch
Mobile Application Development
CMQA Marketplace Launch
Integration with Third Party Marketplace
Open CMQA to all influencers

2 Sep 2019

CMQA Shop is Launched

As a first step towards launching the CMQA Marketplace, the CMQA shop is live and available for Redemption of CMQA Token. CMQA Shop can be accessed at